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ExpoGiant  | B1 carpet tiles | Sports floor protection

100/100 cm ExpoGiant X| The exhibition tile

200/100 cm ExpoGiant CProtective covering for sports surfaces


White back for residue-free removal in sports halls

Quick installation thanks to large formats of 2/1 and 1/1 m

Hall protective covering


ExpoGiant C

Hall floor protection covering

Back cover

ExpoGiant E Side

Side view

ExpoGiant X

ExpoGiant C Side

Side view

ExpoGiant C

Technical specifications:

Carpet tiles:

100/100cm ExpoGiant X
200/100 cm ExpoGiant C

Minimum order quantity: 50 sqm

Material: 100% polypropylene
Back: Plus (white)
Fire class: B1/Bfl-s1
Certificate: YES
Thickness: approx. 5 mm
Total weight: approx. 3,100g/sqm


Suitable for:
Sports floor protection
Hall protective covering
Sports floor cover

Hall protection boards

Hall floor


Sports floor protective covering

Soil protection

Floor protection plates


Transport trolley

Expo tiles

Carpet tile

Trade show tile

Color card 6200 | ExpoGiant X
Exhibition tile in 1/1 m
Color card ExpoGiant C 6100
Mobile protection for your sports floor

Indoor protective covering with a white back for sensitive sports floors.
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